Thursday, July 10, 2014

♡ My First Sewing Projects ♡

I finally started sewing a few months ago thanks to my very sweet and patient neighbor/family friend! Sewing is so fun and I love it so much but I still have a lot to learn. I started out making usamimi headbands! I've probably made more than 12 now but they're super simple to make and they're so cute too. 

This is what they look like! If you want me to make a separate post about how I made them let me know in the comments. ♡ 

The second thing that I made was a circle skirt. I watched tons of tutorials online but I was so confused I had to ask my neighbor for help. She basically made me a pattern in less than 10 minutes, haha. She told me to rip out the seams every time I messed up but she was so sweet about it, I'm so happy that she was patient enough to help me! 
I plan on making so many more things so I will definitely post about them as I make them. ♡ - Hope

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