Saturday, January 26, 2013

I stole this idea from Samantha, you should go check out her blog too!! the link is here. ♡
  1. My mom. 
  2. My closest friends, Whitney and Gabi.
  3. My kitties, Oliver and Chacha.
  4. Overcoming my depression and self harm.
  5. Overcoming physical health issues from the past.
  6. Overcoming bullying.
  7. Having most of my high school education.
  8. Having positive coping skills to deal with anxiety.
  9. Having extended family that cares about me.
  10. Having a roof over my head.
  11. Having clean, safe, drinking water.
  12. Being alive.
  13. Being a lot stronger emotionally than i was 5 years ago.
  14. Being able to get therapy when I really needed it.
  15. Being able to love myself after years of hating me.
  16. Being able to not care about what others think or say to me anymore.
  17. Being able to hear again with the help of hearing aids.
  18. Being able to continue my education outside of high school.
  19. Being able to differ right from wrong.
  20. Being able to keep my diabetes under control
  21. Discovering feminism.
  22. Learning to be more accepting of people.
  23. Learning how to sew and make handmade things
  24. Learning how to speak up about my problems.
  25. Learning new things everyday!

  1. My kitties.
  2. My friends.
  3. My mom.
  4. Japanese food. 
  5. The internet.
  6. Ballet.
  7. Queen Marina & Queen Lana.
  8. Getting my hair and nails done.
  9. Listening to my favorite music.
  10. Visiting with my nephews and cousins.
  11. Sailor Moon.
  12. Disneyland.
  13. Watching disney movies, Sleeping beauty, Beauty & the Beast, and Bambi. ♡
  14. Thinking about all the adventures I want to go and and the places I want to see.
  15. LUSH bath bombs.
  16. Being drama free.
  17. Reading books I haven't read before.
  18. The Harry Potter books and movies.
  19. Thinking positive.
  20. Being productive.
  21. Pastel colored clothes, jewelry, accessories, anything really!
  22. Tea, both hot and iced. :3
  23. My room, I'm still in the process of decorating it though!
  24. Tumblr & Blogspot
  25. Being alive... ♡

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