Saturday, September 7, 2013

Plus Size: Fall Essentials ♥

Plus Size: Fall Essentials
Shopping for fashionable clothes when you're fat is really hard and frustrating so I am making this post to try to make it a little bit easier! I 

These are from Forever 21! Forever 21's leggings are really, really, cute but the material sucks. :/ Another store that sells plus size leggings is Chubby Cartwheels! I want to buy a pair of their velvet leggings so badly. Chubby Cartwheels goes up to a size 32! 
 I love wearing leggings because they're so comfy and I usually hate wearing pants, but leggings are amazing and anyone that gives you crap for wearing them can suck it! 

Sweaters & Cardigans!

These cardigans are from Dorothy Perkins. I usually get my sweaters and cardigans from thrift stores though! I look in the mens section for sweaters because I like old man sweaters. SimplyBe sells some cute sweaters and cardigans too, and they go up to a size 30! 

A light jacket!

I recently bought the jacket on the left from Forever 21! It's really comfortable and it's great for cold weather. I'm not so sure how it'd do in the rain though. And the jacket on the right is from Asos Curve!

A good pair of boots! 

I like wearing boots in the fall because the weather is unpredictable and I never know when it's going to rain, and I absolutely hate getting my feet wet!! I plan on buying a pair of Dr.Martens this year. You can find them pretty much anywhere online but here is the link to their website. ♥

Cute socks and thigh highs!

I love wearing cute socks!! I get mine from all over the place but these three are from topshop. You can make those frilly lace socks with your own socks and lace too if you don't want to buy them! I might make a tutorial for that but it's really easy. For thigh highs, I get mine from sock dreams. The ones I buy specifically are the extraordinarily longer thigh highs which are right here. :)

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