Saturday, December 28, 2013

♥ My Favorite Way To Wear Naked 3 ♥

Today I'm going to be reviewing Urban Decay's new Naked 3 palette! I've never really cared for any of the Naked palettes before because I have Too Faced's Natural Eye palette and that one has a bunch of pretty neutrals in it. But when I saw the colors for the Naked 3 palette I fell in love instantly. ♥ I love pink and rosy colors so if you love pink you will probably love this palette too, haha!

I like how the palette comes with an eyeshadow and crease brush and samples of UD's primers, but I don't really like how to packaging comes in a metal tin. I'm so afraid that I'm going to drop it and all of the eyeshadows will crumble up! 

These are all supposed to be brand new shades and they are all super gorgeous! There's 12 colors and 3 are matte and the rest are shimmery & metallic/satin. I'm not going to take pictures of the swatches because there's already loads of pictures on other people's blogs with swatches.
But anyways this is how I've been using the Naked 3 palette!
I used Strange on the lid. On the inner crease I used Limit. On the outer crease I used Nooner and Liar. And on the outer crescent I used Factory. Finally I used Strange again on my brow bone as a highlighter. ♥

My phone changed the quality of the picture when I uploaded it to my computer so that's why it looks so funny! This is basically the way I do my makeup with every palette I've ever owned but it's my favorite way to wear my eyeshadow so it's okay, hahaha. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and tell me what you think about the new Naked palette!

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