Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♡ 11-21-12 ♡

Today I spent the day with my mom. :3 We went to go and get my hearing aids from my doctor. I like these ones because they're not as noticeable as my old ones! I didn't take a picture because i thought that would be really weird hahaha c:
Afterwards we went to my aunts house but i was pretty much asleep so I didn't really get to spend time with her. I'm trying to convince my mom to take me to her house tomorrow after my grandma's house for thanksgiving.
When we left my aunts house we went and got sushi from oedo! I ordered crunchy california rolls because i was craving them all week. I was teasing my friend whitney on twitter by bragging about being there without her but then i felt bad because she's actually in town today. I'm really bad when it comes to bragging about
things. I'll probably take her with me the next time I go and she's here. c: After we left the sushi place we went to the nail salon and Ross. I didn't have time to get my nails done but I did finally get to do my eyebrows. :3 I found this really cute sweater that is almost like the one I wanted from Forever 21! I actually think it is the same sweater but this one was extremely cheaper. ~ We went to safeway to get all the stuff we had to make to bring to my grandma's house tomorrow and we also decided to make a chili relleno casserole. It didn't taste exactly how I thought it would but it wasn't too bad! I'll probably post the recipe we used after i finish writing this. :3 I was going to bake stuff to take to my grandmas house tomorrow but I thought I'd be too tired to bake tonight so I decided not to. I kind of regret it now because all I'm doing tonight is listening to Lady Gaga, cuddling with my cats and blogging.  I'll probably be baking a lot next month though so whatever I bake then I'll post on here! I'll try and make another post tomorrow or the day after about how my thanksgiving and day after went. c: But for now i'm going to go and post the recipe for the chili relleno casserole for you guys.

<- P.S. Have a picture of my grumpy baby, oliver. :3♡

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