Saturday, November 17, 2012

So I've decided to start using blogspot again! Having 2 tumblrs was too much to keep track of. (especially since I actually have 3) I think my first post is going to just be to update you guys on my life.

I spent most of my summer with Gabi, actually. We met before we met at my old school, but we became really close after we both left Seneca. She's become a really close friend of mine and I can count on her for anything. I feel really bad because whenever we plan to hangout I can't because I either didn't go to school or I had no way of getting to her house. :C but when we do hangout we're like two peas in a pod! (I'm aware that's from Forrest Gump but we really are lol) We've been through a lot of the same stuff and I think that, along with her just being totally awesome, is what makes us so close. She's like a sister to me and I love it so much. :3
♡ Marina & the diamonds, 
I went and saw Marina this summer at Great America with Gabi! It was the greatest day of my life so far! Aside from me getting sick at the end of the day and stuff haha~
It was nice to see my favorite artist with one of my close friends. :3 I can't wait to see her live again! She really gives on a great performance. I didn't stick around for any of the other artists that were there, due to me getting sick. I regret it now because I've started really liking Cher Lloyd. :c oh well!

 ♡ Senior Year, ♡
I started my senior year of high school. :3 I've been      trying to keep myself organized but it's been so hectic and we're already done with our first quarter! I'm passing so far with c's and a few b's though so I guess I'm doing good academicly. Kids are picking on me some but the staff is trying to stop it now that my mommy told them she was unhappy with the way things are going.♡ I took part of the CAHSEE, but I missed the math part because I got sick. Overall school is going okay. I just wish I was out already, I'm so totally done with high school and I can't wait until college! I'm planning on going to LA with one of my best friends Gabi after I'm done with high school and I'm hopefully going to be attending FIDM. That's if I don't change my mind between now and then of course! I have a little while to decide, I just don't want to choose a career in my teens and end up hating what I went to college for when I'm an adult.~

reunited and it feels so good, ♡
A little while after school started me and this dork became friends again. :3 I don't think anyone can understand how happy I felt knowing she missed me and still wanted to be my friend. She's been my best friend since 1st grade and I was extremely upset when we weren't friends. I'm glad to say that I think all our fighting is over with now and we're back to the way we were a long time ago. c: She's a huge dork but I love her very much. :3♡ If she sees this she's probably going to yell at me for being so gay but whatever i do what i want.~

♡ what i have planned for this blog! ♡

So that was basically an update on my life haha :3 I've been meaning to do a lot of cooking and baking for the holiday season, so i'll be sure to post recipes and stuff i've made on here! I'm also going to be posting gifts and decorations i'm planning. I love the holiday season so i'll be planning a lot of stuff to post for you. c:
For those of you that don't celebrate holidays and want to see other stuff too, don't worry! I have things for you guys too. ~ Well that's all for now, I'll see you guys soon. ♡
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