Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the holiday season is here...♡

I'm excited for it to be almost Thanksgiving, because I like food hence why I am fat. I'm probably going to be making these gluten free pumpkin cookies i found on pinterest since I don't know how to cook, I only know how to bake. :3

Then on Friday  I'm going to Gabi's house and we're going to spend the day together doing fun stuff(shopping I think) and then after we're going to the niles parade! I don't think she's been there before so I'm excited to take her there for the first time! 

Every year the weekend after thanksgiving me and my mom always put up the tree/decorate the house, so i'm also happy about that. 

Sometime during the month of December me and Gabi are going to San Francisco so we can go shopping in the haight-ashbury district. That's going to be after her birthday, for her birthday she wants to go to the cheesecake factory. c: I HAVE SO MANY THINGS I WANT TO GET HER FOR HER BIRTHDAY BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY. i'll probably end up merging her birthday and Christmas gifts together but that's okay because it's going to be a bunch of great stuff and I'm the best friend anyone could ever ask for.~*

Also during December me and Whitney are going to be getting together at her house in Santa Cruz, since she's just as excited about the holidays as i am, and we're going to bake stuff and watch Christmas movies. (─‿‿─)♡
Christmas Wishlist
yeah that's all i really really want :3 
♡ hope

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