Thursday, November 22, 2012

♡ Thanksgiving 2012 ♡

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! My day started off with a drive through the Niles canyon. :3 It's such a pretty scenic route, I had to take a picture of it. The leaves on the trees were what really had me excited. It finally feels like fall here in northern California and that makes me so happy!♡ Me & my mom went to my grandparents house to have thanksgiving dinner with them. We spent most of the day there, before we went to my aunt's house, on my dad's side.My grandparent's were in a good mood considering they can be two of the grumpiest people ever.My grandmother even commented on the weight I've lost, so that made me feel good. We waited a while for the rest of my mom's family to show up, my sister and her family, my cousins and my uncle and his wife. My cousin cooked a turkey because my grandma wasn't going to and it was the best turkey I've ever had. I don't know if that's because I never eat turkey or what but it was really good. c: My grandma and I took my little nephew,
Waylon, to the park and she watched him play on the playground and I went on the swingset, because I like to pretend I'm 5 years old. (not really swingsets are just awesome.) Me and my mom left shortly after we came back from the park because i wanted to go and see my dad's family. We got to my aunt's house as everyone was leaving but I still got to see them so I was happy about that. I really am thankful for all of my family. Even though we don't get along sometimes they're still my family and I love them regardless.♡ I'm also thankful for my two darling kitties, Oliver & Chacha, and my best friends, Whitney & Gabi. :3 That's all for today! Tomorrow is black friday and I'm going to the mall with Gabi and one of her friends. I'll most likely be posting anything i find tomorrow! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!
♡ Hope 

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