Sunday, November 17, 2013

♥ Cute Finds: Fuzzy Pink Sweater ♥

I've been looking for a fuzzy pink sweater ever since Lana Del Rey's H&M campaign last year!
Well, last night I went to Walmart to find new PJ's. I decided to look at their everyday clothing and then I saw this sweater and I instantly fell in love. ♥ It's a lot more fuzzy and a lot less money than the H&M one. It's also not made of animal fur. (which makes it 10000x better!!) It was $12 and it comes in grey, white, black, pastel blue and baby pink! I bought the pink one because I love pink but I want the blue one too.
The color doesn't show up very good on camera but it's a lot pink-er in person! :)

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