Tuesday, November 19, 2013

♥ Cute Finds: Tiny Tangerines ♥

Okay so I was going to talk about Kelly's shop, Tiny Tangerines, in a post during Blogmas but she is going to be closing her shop for the holidays (she deserves it!! from what I've seen on her instagram she's been working up a storm!) and I wanted to post about her shop in case you guys wanted to buy something from her for someone you care about! She sells super cute ear warmers, pins, and hairclips.
Here's a few of my favorite things from her. ♥

Here is a link to her Etsy & here are links to her instagram and tumblr!


  1. Oh my Goodness! i have to show this to my friend who love crochet, followed ya via GFC <3

    ~ amz88 Punky Bunny Blog, xoxo

    1. Omooo it's the cutest thing ever!!!

    2. aw thank you! I'm glad you guys like her shop! :3