Saturday, November 23, 2013

♡ How To Make Your Hair Grow Long & Healthy ♡

Hello! Today I'm making a blog post on how to get your hair to grow long & healthy. 
My hair goes all the way down my back. My hair has been getting thinner the last year or so because I've been very sick. Other than it being super thin my hair is healthy and I've learned quite a few tips and tricks on getting it that way! So here is how you can get your hair to be super long and healthy. 

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I know that sounds really gross but when you wash your hair everyday you are stripping your hair from it's natural oils from your hair follicles which damages your hair! By not washing your hair everyday you're allowing your hair to revive itself on it's own and gives it a natural shine. If you're like me and have super oily hair though you should try a dry shampoo! A dry shampoo is a spray that has ingredients that get rid of the unwanted oil in your hair. They usually cost under $20 and you can find them at places like Target or Walmart.
I use TRESemme Fresh Start and it's only $6!

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When I was 16 I straightened my hair everyday and all it did was damage my hair and make it impossible for me to grow my hair as long as I wanted. I ended up chopping my hair off and having to regrow it back to the length I like. Using heat on your hair is very damaging and it's what causes split ends. To get your hair curly you can always use foam rollers or you can put your hair in pin curls. But if you DO decide to use heat products you should use a heat protectant spray! You can buy it anywhere and they usually cost anywhere under $20. 

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Massaging your scalp will get the blood in your head circulating and that will also help you get your hair to grow! I usually massage my scalp before bed and when I wake up in the mornings. You can also buy a head massager if you wanted to! I've been meaning to buy one myself, haha.

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I like to make my own hair masks but I've also been meaning to try some of LUSH's hair masks.
I do an egg and honey hair mask that I will probably post the tutorial on here someday. Homemade and natural hair masks are better for you and they leave your hair feeling amazing!

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My favorite shampoo is the NEW! shampoo from LUSH. It's for thinning hair and I loved how it made my hair feel! I've also been wanting to try Dr.Peppermint, which is supposed to stimulate hair growth!
LUSH has all kinds of shampoo's and conditioners for every hair type, you can view their shampoo's here.
Left: Dr.Peppermint $12 Right: NEW! $12
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♡ Don't wash your hair with hot water! Hot water and steam opens up your pores so what I do is I wash my hair with warm water and then rinse it with colder water so that my pores can close up.
♡ Don't tie your hair in super tight ponytails! This will damage your hair if done every day and will cause your hair to break off easily.
♡ DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER! Water is super amazing for your health, your face, and hair!
♡ If you use lots of hair products remember to wash your hair out really good at night time. 
♡ If you want to you should as your doctor about taking Biotin pills! I've been taking them for 6 months now and they help with your hair, skin, and nails as well!
♡ Get a trim every couple of months, it will help your hair grow faster!

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