Tuesday, November 5, 2013

♥ My Everyday Makeup ♥

I am not a makeup professional, I just like wearing makeup so please don't get offended by this post!
♥ FACE ♥
I don't really do a lot to my face. But I use L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets BB Cream instead of using a foundation because I don't like the cakey feeling that comes with wearing most foundations. I also use L'Oreal's true match powder sometimes. I use E.L.F.'s tone correcting concealer. When I'm done putting on my makeup I use E.L.F.'s setting spray. 

♥ LIPS ♥
My everyday lipstick is one of Revlon's matte lipsticks, I use pink pout but I sometimes use stormy pink.
I use the bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH and I use Maybeline's baby lips when I'm not wearing lipstick.

I use Too Faced's Naked Eye palette that I got for christmas last year. 
I put numbers 1 & 3 all over my eyelid and I put more of number 1 in the inner corners of my eyes. 
Then I put 2 & 4 in the outer corners of my eyes and around in the crease. I ran out of my eyebrow kit a long time ago and haven't had the money to buy a new one so I've been mixing numbers 5 and 6 and applying them to my eyebrows with an angled brush. It doesn't look as bad as it sounds but I will be buying a new eyebrow kit sooner or later hahaha.

 Sometimes people ask me how I got good at doing my eyeliner and all I can really say is that I've been practicing since I was in 6th grade. I don't think my eyeliner is perfect, I think I have my good days and my bad days, but anyways here's how I do my eyeliner!
First I draw a line on the outer corner of my eye going slightly up.
Then I draw another line on top of that line but I draw it so that it is like a corner of a little obtuse triangle.
After that I draw a line across my eyelid, all the way down to the other side of my eye.
And finally, I fill in the tiny obtuse triangle and make sure there are no other empty spaces on my eyes! :)
This isn't my picture, (I found it on tumblr if it's yours tell me!) but it's basically how I put on my eyeliner.

I use the Size Queen mascara from Too faced! I curl my lashes with an eyelash curler and then I apply one coat of mascara. Then I curl them again and apply another coat.

♥ And this is what my face looks like when I'm done putting on my everyday makeup! ♥


  1. Aw this totally inspires me to recreate the same look with Too Faced's Boudoir eyes palette since so many of your lid shades are in that! :)

    1. Yay! I'm glad I was able to inspire you! :)